AOL Gold Icon Not Responding | How to Solve it

AOL Gold Icon Not Responding | How to Solve it
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AOL Desktop Gold not responding or freezes has become one of the common problems encountered by several users nowadays. This issue can take place due to multiple factors like device compatibility issues, viral attacks and other such errors either with your computer or browser. It doesn’t matter what’s the primary factor, the error can be resolved by going through certain measures and solutions given in this write-up. If you are encountering an error while using AOL Gold Desktop not responding, then you must carefully go through this write-up. For quick solutions, you must take expert guidance by calling the AOL help desk for some appropriate tips.

Troubleshooting Steps for Resolving AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Issue

  • First of all, exit from all programs running in the current situation and then resume your device. Performing this will restrict any other program running in the background of your system.
  • After rebooting your system, examine if there is sufficient storage in your computer to activate AOL Desktop Gold appropriately. Free up a few spaces by removing unwanted files and applications from your system.
  • Scan your computer for any malware or virus. Confirm to utilize a decent antivirus and antimalware software. If you get any suspicious content, file or virus at your computer, remove it as soon as possible using the software.
  • Confirm if your internet is working well. Examine your internet speed online and try to switch to any other wireless network to observe if that troubleshoots your error.
  • If you have encountered an error with a specific browser, then you are required to uninstall it. After that, establish the latest version of your browser or simply utilize any other browser for using AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Finally, if the AOL Desktop Gold started freezing or not responding once you have created a few changes to your system settings. Then you must back up and recover your device to bring it back to its original state once your AOL Gold Desktop is working well.

Once you go through the above steps, you can easily resolve AOL Desktop Gold not responding issue or freezing. If you can’t execute the above steps, call the AOL email helpline number to troubleshoot this error.

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Other Troubleshooting Solutions to Resolve AOL Desktop Gold Freezes Issue

If you can’t troubleshoot the AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or do not responding issue with any of the above-given steps, then there will be an issue with your AOL software. To search for any issue in AOL Desktop Gold, go through the below steps.

Method – 1 Activate AOL Desktop Gold with Admin Account

There may be an issue with other programs disturbing your AOL software. To confirm it, try and activate the AOL Desktop Gold application with Admin rights and observe if the error still persists.

  • Locate to the AOL Desktop Gold application symbol, not the shortcut icon.
  • Now, do a right-click on it and then choose the Run as Administrator option.
  • Try to use the application and observe if you are still encountering an error like AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or Not Responding issue.

Method – 2 Re-establish and Activate AOL Software in the Compatibility Mode 

Several times, the error take place due to an outdated AOL Desktop Gold version. So, you should remove the AOL application from your computer and re-establish the latest version of it. After that, activate it in compatibility mode and establish the software. Utilize the below-mentioned methods to activate AOL Desktop Gold in compatibility mode.

  • Firstly, download the AOL Desktop Gold establishment file from the official website of AOL or any of the dependent resources.
  • Store the AOL establishment file on your desktop
  • After storing the software, move ahead to the desktop window and browse the installer file
  • Do a right-click on the file and tap on properties
  • Now choose the Compatibility Mode option and examine the Run this program in compatibility mode box
  • After that, tap on the drop-down arrow to access the menu and then choose your previous operating system
  • Now tap on Ok and then re-establish AOL Desktop Gold.

A few other Troubleshooting Methods are Given Below.

  • Upgrade AOL software to the current version
  • Resolve any error with your operating system and then troubleshoot it
  • Examine if your computer is even compatible to activate AOL Desktop Gold or not.

Once you go through the above-mentioned troubleshooting program, you can easily resolve the AOL Gold icon not responding error. If you can’t implement these tips, call the AOL helpline number to get some accurate suggestions quickly. AOL Best experts are fully-trained, professional and capable to rectify AOL issues. AOL help desk center is opened 24/7 to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To easily reset the AOL desktop gold, simply just uninstall the application first, and then install it again. At the time of reinstalling, use your old login credentials to avoid any type of double payments.

In 2017, AOL has decided to shut down its AOL Desktop Gold to further provide a more streamlined and updated version of it. This ensures that the users will not be charged for the AOL Desktop Gold subscription anymore and their AOL email account will remain intact and their users can still use them.

So, to update the AOL desktop gold, here are the steps that you can follow.

  • Shut Down all the programs and running applications
  • Then locate the Desktop Gold File
  • Now search for the settings in AOL software
  • After that, enter AOL Gold About section
  • At last, update your AOL Gold software

To restore the AOL mail icon on your desktop screen, here are the steps.

  • Go to My Computer > C Drive > Programs and Files. Here find the AOL Desktop Gold
  • Right-click on the icon and choose to create a shortcut.
  • Now, clear the dB cache files from the registry window to fix the missing AOL Desktop Gold icon.

Try to perform these steps to fix the AOL Gold Icon not responding error.

  • Fix the poor internet connection
  • Remove incompatible software
  • Run the Anti-Virus software
  • Reinstall the AOL desktop gold
  • Go to the programs window under the control panel
  • Then reinstall the AOL desktop gold
  • Restart your PC

If the AOL desktop gold is not working or if you see an “AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working” error message, then perform these steps to fix the error.

  • Download the updated version of the Desktop Gold file.
  • Run the installed file (Install_AOL_Desktop.exe)
  • Now, open the desktop gold, and the AOL Desktop Gold not responding error will be stopped.

If your AOL Gold icon is missing from the desktop, then here are the steps that you must perform.

  • Restart your computer and check for the internet connection and its speed.
  • Check for permissions allowed to malware as well as Trojan horses and perform scanning and removing all the Malicious Software.
  • Update the AOL software to the latest version.

You will not be able to open the AOL desktop gold icon at the time when you will try to open it after installing AOL gold on Windows. To resolve this problem, try to give some troubleshooting to fix the AOL desktop gold icon not responding problem.

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