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How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue?

Imagine that you have an urgent email to send to your business associates and once you get online you see that you AOL Desktop Gold won’t open. Now, this can be very frustrating! Even though AOL tries their best to give its users who have to install AOL Desktop Gold, an error-free and stress-free emailing experience but occasionally these do fall short of their mark. Sometimes your data is lost, sometimes the desktop software freezes, and sometimes AOL Gold won’t open. This blog will guide you on what you should do if your AOL Desktop Gold won’t open.

Why Won’t AOL Desktop Gold Open?

Users must keep in mind that technical problems are never just one reason for this error. When your AOL Desktop Gold is not opening, then there could be several different reasons for this error to arise in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons why AOL Gold won’t open:

  • There was a severe problem with the installation process. It can be possible that the installation process was interrupted for some reason. The procedure followed for installation was not correct, which is why the installation of AOL Gold failed.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is incompatible with some other software that is installed on your computer.
  • Likely a virus or malicious malware could have infected your system thus disrupting the AOL Desktop Gold software.
  • It may be possible that your hard disk may be damaged, causing your system to malfunction.

Steps to Solve AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Error

Follow some necessary troubleshooting steps to fix the error where AOL Gold won’t open up:

  • You must run a quick antivirus scan in your system and delete the file that may be a potential threat.
  • Check your system to see you are meeting the system requirements before installing the software.
  • Make sure you are connected to the active internet connection via a cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Uninstall any program that is incompatible with your AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Make sure the automatic update option is turned on so that you upgrade AOL Gold.
  • Clear the web browser’s cache from the browser Settings.
  • Disable any firewall that is active and is preventing AOL Gold from opening.
  • Restart your system so that the RAM of your system is clear.
  • Stop and pause any downloads that are disrupting your internet connectivity.
  • Delete and then install AOL Gold by following the official instructions.

These are some of the essential troubleshooting solutions you can use when AOL Desktop Gold won’t open on your computer. If the above steps do not work, then there may be a serious glitch in your system which requires you to download AOL Gold again on your system by removing the previous version.

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