How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Disappeared

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Disappeared
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To run any application, the icon is considered the shortest way. But the problem creates when the icon for the particular application goes missing out, and you fail to restore it. Similarly, AOL Desktop Gold won’t open points toward the big issues sometimes. The AOL Desktop Gold software is an excellent all-in-one solution for browsing the Internet. Using AOL Desktop Gold would enable the users to use one software for their various needs. This software provides the features like Web Browser, Multimedia Streamer, E-mail services, enhanced encryption, advanced security, and automatic updates also allows you to play games on their system.

So now it doesn’t matter if you are just sending out an email, streaming your favorite, or following up on the latest news; AOL Desktop Gold has it all. The AOL Desktop Gold software is compatible with all the major operating systems, such as Mac and Windows. Whenever you’re not able to find out the AOL gold icon in the list of your icons, then it is missing or if the AOL icon is not visible then it promotes the AOL Gold icon missing issue. A small icon starts appearing on your window once you install AOL Desktop Gold on your system. The AOL Gold icon is so useful as you can explore the world of AOL with just one click. AOL Desktop Gold not working issue takes place when the files are damaged in the AOL Desktop Gold folder due to malware or virus on the system, etc. To get a clear idea about this issue, you are supposed to go through this write-up till the end.

What gives rise to Disappeared Desktop Icon for AOL Gold?

Before troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold, it is important to know the root causes for the same. There are multiple factors that might lead to this issue; a few of them are enumerated below:

  1. If you forget to add the shortcut icon to the desktop screen during the installation process.
  2. Hardware-related issues.
  3. Another reason can be the AOL desktop software has not been installed properly on your system.
  4. The hard disk of your system is damaged or corrupted.When your PC is affected by an antivirus or malware software, it may trigger such an issue.
  5. The compatibility of the software and system are not matching.

How to restore the missing AOL Desktop Gold icon or shortcut?

Many AOL users may have noticed that when they start their system and try to log in to AOL, they cannot find the icon. If you’re also facing a similar issue then no worries; just carry out the below-given steps to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold icon missing issues. Here’s how:

Solution 1: Make some changes in the Windows Settings

If you have made some unnecessary changes in the windows settings by mistake, then there is a possibility that these settings may delete or remove the AOL desktop gold icon from your PC. Hence, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. To start off, hit right-click on the Windows desktop screen and tap on the View icon under the sub-menu.
  2. Now, look for the “Showing Desktop Icon” option and then click to select it.
  3. In case you find any application unchecked, immediately move the slider to enable the display desktop icon option.
  4. Now, save the required changes and close the window.
  5. Finally, press the refresh button on your desktop screen to refresh your system.

Solution 2: Scan your system through Antivirus software

If your PC has been attacked by some antivirus or malicious software, it can lead to many problems in your system, and the missing AOL desktop gold icon can be the most common one. Therefore, scanning your PC through the antivirus software is the best way to fix the issue at the earliest. a solution to fix the problem. The steps are here to do so with much more ease.

  1. In the inception, download and install an antivirus application on your device.
  2. Once done, click twice on the application icon to run the anti-virus scanning.
  3. Now, perform deep scanning of your PC and choose the entire system before starting the scanning process.
  4. Once the scanning is done successfully, you will get the list of all the items affected by the virus.
  5. After this, select and delete the potential malware application from your PC and also click on the auto-deletion option.
  6. Next, repeat the same steps for the malware issues and click the repair affected programs by scanning tool.
  7. At last, once you have completely removed all the threats to the system, then navigate to the desktop screen and check if the AOL Desktop Gold icon has been recovered or not.

Solution 3: Re-install AOL Desktop Gold

It is quite possible that the reason why AOL Desktop Gold is missing is that AOL itself may have been deleted from your system. Whether this is by accident or not, it doesn’t matter, you can reinstall AOL Desktop Gold by following the instructions presented below:

  1. The very first step is to open your preferred internet browser and go to the official AOL website.
  2. Now, click on the link provided to download AOL desktop gold.
  3. Once the download is done, you can save the file on your personal computer.
  4. After this, login in as administrator and run the file.
  5. You’ll have to go through the installation steps to complete the process.
  6. After you have successfully installed AOL, just click right on the application and choose the option to create a new shortcut. Once the shortcut is created you would be able to see the AOL icon on your desktop.

Solution 4: Create a new Shortcut

If you have AOL Desktop Gold installed on your computer then just check out the steps listed below to create a new AOL icon.

  1. Initially, navigate to the system tray at the bottom right of your computer screen.
  2. Next, hit right-click on the AOL icon.
  3. Choose the create a New AOL desktop gold icon option.
  4. To end the process, place the icon on your home screen and restart your system.


Expectedly, you are now able to understand how to rectify AOL Desktop Gold not working issue after performing the steps given here. However, if still you’re in doubt and unable to resolve it anyhow then the best thing to do is to delete the application, restart your system and try to download AOL Desktop Gold once again. You can also ping us at our AOL help desk number to get all your problems resolved you’re facing at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If the AOL gold icon is missing from the desktop, but if it is still present in the system tray, then it indicates that the AOL Desktop Gold is still present on your PC. And if it is not available in the system tray itself, then it means that the AOL Desktop Gold browser has been deleted from your PC.

To get the missing AOL gold icon back to your desktop screen, then here are the steps that you can perform to do so.

  1. Restart your computer and connect it to a fast and secure internet connection.
  2. Carefully look towards the permissions allowed to malware as well as Trojan horses and perform a deep scan to remove all the Malicious Software.
  3. At last, update the AOL software to the latest available version.


With the help of the AOL Desktop Gold application, users can enjoy multiple services such as web browsing, chatting, emailing, and various others. many more. Although their users are also facing a frequent issue that is the AOL Desktop Gold stops working or fails to download the AOL Desktop and sometimes it further leads to big trouble for the user.

AOL Desktop Software is no more available with effect from mid-April, 2017. Although, if the users want to continue using the AOL Desktop software, then they have to pay $3.99 a month.

To easily restore a missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon or shortcut from the desktop, here are the steps that you can perform

  1. First, from the taskbar, click on the Expand icon (^).
  2. Now, right-click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon.
  3. At last, click on Create Desktop Shortcut.
  4. Now, you have successfully restored the missing icon.
  1. Associate the icon with the source
  2. Disallow permissions to firewall
  3. AOL Desktop Gold file is defiled
  4. Update the AOL Desktop to the latest version
  5. Restart your system
  6. Check for Internet speed and connectivity
  7. Deep scan for malware or viruses
  8. Enable through expand icon
  9. Reinstall the application
  10. Hard drive is corrupted or damaged.

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