About Us


AOL Desktop Gold is known for offering some excellent features and functionalities. For the same reason, it has a huge number of users who run it to make the most of their communication and entertainment. However, no application is devoid of technical issues, and AOL Desktop Gold is no different. Users encounter issues withing this Desktop based application every now and then. There can be a multitude of technical problems in the program, such as download and install issues, program error codes, printing issues, and various others.

When the issues are raised to such a great volume, the official support fails to handle them. Here, our role comes into play. We help AOL Desktop Gold users in times of the technical struggle they are facing with the program. Our assistance channels include helpline number, mail, and live chat support.

We understand that getting stuck on a technical issue can be annoying, especially when you are performing an important task. In such a case, reach us out using our assistance channels, and we will help you with a prompt solution.