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AOL has combined all the brilliant features in one desktop to deliver world with amazing software like AOL Desktop Gold. Here one can do email with their friends and family and even can browse the web, play cool games or can chat and etc. In this desktop software, you can witness speed and reliability. It is the tendency of people to divert toward the new things and technology and since this desktop software is one of the latest technology so people are swiftly drifting towards it. The look and style of this AOL Desktop Gold are upgraded but the feel is same as the previous one.

AOL desktop gold

Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows and Mac

For AOL Advantage Plan Member


It is included in your membership with no extra cost.

  • Log in to your account of MyBenefits
  • Under ‘All Products’ section look for AOL Desktop Gold
  • Click on the button of Download Now

For a Trial version of AOL Desktop Gold

  • Logging to My Account
  • Then click on My Services> Subscription
  • Now hit on the button Get Started which is under AOL Desktop Gold

Process to Install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows:

  • Locate the downloaded file in File Explorer
  • Run the .exe file as Administrator after right clicking on it
  • Follow the instruction to complete the installation of AOL Desktop Gold
download AOL gold Windowsdownload and install AOL gold
If you are active members of AOL Advantage Plan


  • After logging into MyBenefits
  • Go to ‘All Products’> AOL Desktop Gold
  • And then enter on the option of Download Now

If you have a subscription of AOL Desktop Gold

  • Log in to the page of My Account
  • Go to My Services > Subscription > AOL Desktop Gold
  • Now click on the option of Get Started to download AOL Desktop Gold

Process to Install AOL Desktop Gold for Mac:

  • Go to Download folder of your desktop
  • And look for the .exe file of AOL Desktop Gold
  • Then double click on it to install AOL Desktop Gold on your system.
download AOL gold Macdownload and install AOL gold

AOL Desktop Gold Features

features of AOL gold

The traits which make AOL Desktop Gold unique and the apple of everyone’s eyes are listed below:

  • The installation and downloading process are simplified.
  • The feature of automatic update makes the pain of users easy by updating the software to the available latest version on its own.
  • Security is enhanced with two-step verification option.
  • With Anti-keylogging feature chances of theft and leakage of data is reduced.
  • The feature of Anti-phishing and premium security prevents coming of spam emails.
  • You have the option of enabling and disabling screenshot for protecting your private information
  • The contacts and favorites will be stored in the server of AOL which will accessible 24*7.
  • Exporting and Importing of personal emails and data can be done from one computer to another.

Troubleshoot Common Issues with AOL Desktop Gold

While using this tremendous desktop software people have to face various kinds of issues. Some of these issues are listed below:


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